Wellness facilities

Spa-Indendoers-2-RGBA day in heaven

A relaxing spa day in Himmerland is the perfect way to find some space and take a break from life’s hustle and bustle.

You will be greeted in the wellness reception, where you will receive luxury bathrobes and soft slippers before being shown around the spa area and introduced to all our facilities.


Spa bar

Help yourself to refreshments from our spa bar, which includes cold water, squash and fruit. Please make sure you drink plenty and stay well hydrated throughout the day. It is also possible to buy other drinks or a light lunch, which can be enjoyed in the spa area.

Finnish sauna

A classic sauna experience, where the temperature can be increased by pouring a little water on the glowing stones. Notice how the rising temperature causes you to sweat, cleansing the skin of impurities. Let your body relax and your mind wonder, whilst you enjoy the heat and the music in our outdoor sauna.

Plunge pool

Next to the Finnish sauna is our outdoor plunge pool. After the warmth of the sauna, a cold dip is extremely refreshing. Rinse the sweat off in the shower, gather your courage and jump in! To enhance blood circulation throughout the body, we recommend alternating a couple of times between the sauna and the plunge pool.

Relaxation pool

Our enclosed relaxation pool is sheltered from the rest of the spa area, so you can enjoy the effects of the warm, soothing water in peace and quiet. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and allow your thoughts to drift away…

Steam room

The steam room is great for body and soul. The steam will open your pores, releasing impurities from your skin. For best results, we recommend that you use a salt scrub whilst in the steam room — you will have the softest skin afterwards!

Bio sauna

The bio sauna isn’t as hot as the traditional Finnish sauna, and the humidity is higher. This sauna loosens your muscles and joints, giving a warm and calming feeling throughout the body.

Wellness lounge

Put your feet up and relax back in one of the lounge chairs, whilst you flip through a magazine, enjoy a good book or take in the views over Sjørup Lake and the fields beyond.

Indoor & outdoor hot tub with massage jets

We have two hot tubs where you can relax in the warm water whilst the bubbles gently massage the body — one indoors and one outside on the spa terrace, where you can breath in the fresh air.

Salt bath

Our large salt bath has a positive and soothing effect, both on the skin and the muscles, whilst also alleviating burning, itching and dryness. You will feel weightless in the warm, salty water, allowing your thoughts drift away to the Dead Sea.

Kneipp hydrotherapy canal

The Kneipp canal gently massages your feet as you move around on the smooth, round stones. In one half of the canal the water is hot, whilst the other half is cold, and this change in temperature helps to improve blood circulation.

Relaxation area

Enjoy a light lunch at the tables in the relaxation area (can be ordered in the wellness reception) or relax on the comfy chairs with a magazine and a refreshing drink.

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