What is TrackMan?

TrackMan is a radar that measures both the club’s and the ball’s movement in 3D, making it possible to obtain accurate data on:

  • the club head’s speed and direction of movement on impact
  • the ball’s initial speed, launch angle, rotational speed (spin), carry length and much more.


TrackManThis data can then help you to optimize your driving, to determine which driver is best for you or to know your lengths.

The pro team use TrackMan for fittings, so they can find the perfect golf clubs for you. It’s also used in private lessons to provide an analysis of your swing and measure your progress over a course of lessons.

See rates for a golf lesson with TrackMan here.


TrackMan Range

Our TrackMan Range is available for you to use by yourself whilst training, so you can see statistics on your shots. You can also use it to play against friends or take part in online competitions. You will find our TrackMan Range in the VIP booths at the Nike Performance Fitting Studio.

Getting started

To use TrackMan Range follow these instructions:

1. Go to www.mytrackman.com and create an account. It’s free — remember to include a phone number.

2. Visit the pro shop to get some credits added to your account.

3. Use your username and password to login on the touch screen in the VIP booths.

You don’t need to book a time — if it’s available then just log on. It costs DKK 100 per hour and you don’t need to use a whole hour at a time.


Contact the golf pros or pro shop if you have any problems. 


You can also see this introduction video about TrackMan:

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